Family Development

Welcome to the Family Development Page! 

We want to congratulate you on taking these steps toward building your family up and improving the relationship between you and your child or children.The studies that we go through are good tools to help families identify principles of successful parenting and examine what areas they would like to change.  We believe that every family and every parent have areas of strengths and weaknesses.  Our goal is to encourage the strengths and help build up the weaker areas so that your family can rebuild the relationships and implement positive change.It is not easy.  In fact, it may be one of the more difficult things you have to do.  However, we believe that your family is worth it.  Practicing just a few basic principles found in our studies can go a long way in forging quite a change in the life of your family.Right now you may be thinking, “That’s all fine and good, but they don’t know what I’ve been through.  They don’t know what my life is like on a day-to-day basis.  How can they possibly help me?”  Many parents who have come to our family development sessions have thought those same things.  Let me assure you, no matter what your family’s situation or background, the principles taught in our curricula DO hold true.  However, you might find that the specifics of how those principles are applied vary from family to family.  As we go through studies together, I encourage you to carefully consider what each author has to say and how you might apply their principles to your specific family.  Let me encourage you, you still CAN make a difference in your family’s life!

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