Prayer Partners

Prayer Needs

Updated October 2017

Dear Prayer Partner,

I am very thankful that you are praying for the Home.  You will never know all the victories that have been won because of your prayers.

Prayer needs from the last prayer newsletter; updates in blue.

1.  Please pray that God will help us set a good foundation for the Child Care Administrator and Operations Administrator as we define the details of these roles. Please also pray that God will send the right person at the right time to be the Child Care Administrator. The roles of Executive Director-Operations and Executive Director-Child Care have been carefully defined, and job descriptions have been written and approved by the Board of Directors. Our own Amy Kemp has been selected to fill the Executive Director-Operations ministry role.  This will place Amy in a greater leadership role, but she will also retain her former duties as Director of Promotions and Partnership Development. 

Announcements of the opening for Executive Director-Child Care have gone out to Christian church-supported colleges and other children’s homes.  Several resumes have been received.  I think we are on track to meet our goal of filling the position by midyear 2018.  Please continue to pray for the selection of the Executive Director-Child Care.

2.  Please pray for those young people who were newly admitted, that they will benefit from the counseling, love, and structure of the homes here. The newer kids seem to be making excellent progress.  Please pray for our kids as they return to school.  We have many young people entering high school for the first time.  The freshmen went to school with a lot of jitters, but have quickly felt right at home.

3.  Please pray for volunteer workers to complete the Welcome Center/office building and to remodel the old office area into an apartment. As I write this, volunteers are laying carpet in the new Welcome Center/office.  We hope to be moving to the new space in late October.


New Prayer Requests

1.  Let’s thank the Lord for answers to previous prayer requests!

2.  Please pray that the young people in our care will come to genuine repentance.  I am currently reading in Mark 6 where Jesus sent his disciples out in pairs.  Their message was healing and repentance. Repentance is a change of mind and making one’s behavior consistent with a newly changed mind.  Some of the young people in care need to take responsibility for their behavior which is the first step in repentance.

3.  Please pray for the right boys to come into our homes.  Our girls’ home is full, but we have a openings for boys.  Selecting young people that will respond to our program is not only crucial for the boys selected, but also for the progress of the other boys in the house.

4.  Please continue to pray for the selection of the new Executive Director-Child Care.  The success or failure of a ministry is often dependent on leadership.

5.  Please pray that God will put a hedge of protection around the ministry that Satan will not be able to penetrate.

In Christian Love,

Arvin L. Moden