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Updated July 2017

Thanks for praying for the Children’s Home.  I see God answering your prayers almost daily.  Many times things just fall in place in marvelous ways.  My only explanation is that people are praying for the Home, and God answers their prayers.

For example, today (Wednesday) I was anxious because 14 people were scheduled to leave early Friday morning on a trip and needed to pull a trailer.  More than a month ago, we had contacted a business that installs hitches.  They said they needed three days notice to install it.  Two weeks ago I gave them the go-ahead to order the hitch and install it.  They said that there would be no problem getting it installed before our group was scheduled to leave.

When I did not hear from them by last Friday, I called them on Monday; however, they had taken a long, holiday weekend.  So, first thing this morning, I called them.  My heart sank when they could not find the order. I asked people to pray.  Later, the business called back and said that the hitch was on “back order from their distributor.”  Within an hour, I learned that two former residents who had planned to join us on the trip had changed their minds.  I was disappointed that they were not going, but with two fewer kids, we could take one of our smaller vans that already had a hitch, thus saving the cost of a hitch.  God knew we would not need that hitch long before I had ordered it.

While the hitch was a small thing, I believe God’s answers to your prayers are the reason that this ministry has grown and prospered.  Listed below in red are the prayer requests from the last prayer newsletter and in blue are as much as we know about how God has answered those requests.

Prayer Needs From Last Prayer Newsletter and Answers

  1. Executive Director Search Committee.  The search process took what, for me, was an unexpected turn, yet a turn that I think is a God-ordained turn.  After careful deliberation, the Board decided to divide the Executive Director role into two parts—Child Care and Operations.  This will not involve increasing the number of staff, but rather reassigning responsibilities to best match the giftedness and education of staff. The Board voted unanimously to promote one of our own staff, Amy Kemp, into the Operations position.  We are currently working on the details of the job descriptions.  When this is completed, the Home will begin to search for the Child Care Administrator.   The target date to fill this position is next May, but there is considerable flexibility depending upon when the Lord sends the right person for the position.
  2. New children who will respond to the love and structure provided by the houseparents and for the children who are returning home. I just learned today that one more child will be returning home.  Also today, two former residents who went home after the school year ended are back visiting on our campus.  We are excited when kids, and sometimes their families, have made enough progress for them to return home.  We have had a total of four young people who returned either to their home or to the home of a relative this spring. While there are ups and downs, all seem to be doing well. Three new young people have been admitted since school was dismissed for the summer, and we are very pleased with the progress they are making.  I am asking you to continue to pray that the Lord will direct the right young people to our Home.
  3. The spiritual and emotional growth of our kids during the summer months.  Because of a specially designated donation to the Home, our kids have had more opportunity for spiritual growth at both Christ in Youth conferences and church camps this year than ever before.  These activities have definitely had an impact.  Last week, two of our girls were helping me do a particularly dirty job.  They were helping  mulch tomatoes.  The hay that we were using for mulch was old and full of dust.  The wind was blowing, and the dust got all over us and into our eyes.  One girl began complaining.   The other girl began singing.  I could not catch all of the words so asked what she was singing.  She replied, “A song we learned at camp about doing everything without complaining.”
  4. For volunteers to complete the Welcome Center/office building and to renovate the area presently serving as our office area into an apartment.  Today, I was thrilled to see that two volunteers who had planned to stay all summer, but had to return home due to some issues at home, were back again! We have had some great volunteers, but we have also had some groups cancel.  We are behind schedule on finishing this project and need your continued prayers that God will send volunteers.

Current Prayer Needs

The current prayer needs are pretty similar to those requested previously.

  1. Please pray that God will help us set a good foundation for the Child Care Administrator and Operations Administrator as we define the details of these roles.  Please also pray that God will send the right person at the right time to be the Child Care Administrator.
  2. Please pray for those young people who were newly admitted, that they will benefit from the counseling,  love, and structure of the homes here.
  3. Please pray for our kids as they return to school.  We have many young people entering high school for the first time.  Their choice of friends often determines their future.
  4. Please pray for volunteer workers to complete the Welcome Center/office building and to remodel the old office area into an apartment.

Thanks for praying.  This side of heaven, you will not know all of the good your prayers are doing.

In Christian Love,

Arvin L. Moden