Procedure for Admission Consideration

Please contact us if you wish to apply and we will send you an admissions packet. The number is 618-592-3633.

To Be Considered for Placement:

  1. Application – Please fill out application as completely as possible. The more information you give us, the better we can accurately determine if the placement will meet the child’s needs.  Click here for application. Counseling records. If your child has been in counseling, we will also need those records signed over to us. If the child is on probation, records are also required.
  2. Special education.  If the child is receiving any special education services, an individual education plan is required.

Pre-Placement Visit

  1. After the caseworker makes the screening decisions, a pre-placement visit is scheduled.
  2. The visit begins with the houseparent, caseworker, administrator, parent(s), and young person meeting together. All parental figures MUST attend. You must schedule an exception to this rule in advance. If the court is placing the child, then the probation officer must attend as well.
  3. The child welfare worker will ask questions to gather background information to help set goals if the child is admitted.
  4. The interview generally lasts two hours. After the interview, the child stays in the home for a few days, usually over a weekend. The child should come prepared to stay, including work and church clothes.
  5. After the visit, the young person is picked up by the family. Over the next few days, the parents and staff decide whether the child will benefit from the program. After two days, if it’s decided to go ahead, a placement date is set. Parents must bring all documents listed below for admittance to go smoothly.

Documents required at time of admission:

  • Certified birth certificate (not a photocopy or hospital record)
  • Dental exam within last six months
  • Medical exam within 30 days
  • Copy of insurance identification card (if insured)
  • Social Security Card
  • If divorced: a decree indicating parent has legal custody
  • Out of state: Interstate Compact Agreement must be completed
  • Copy of school record
    • Junior/senior high – transcript and record of classes
    • Elementary – copy of last report card

Click here for a copy of the admissions brochure.