The Program for Families

Families come to our campus the second Saturday of each month for:

  • Classes in parenting skills
  • A support group for parents
  • Family counseling

Parents retain guardianship of their children while the child is in our care.  Half of our children return to their biological families. We become the permanent home for children for whom reunification is not possible. 

Ten Parental Responsibilities After Placement:

  • Pray daily for your child and his/her houseparents
  • As an example for your child, grow personally and spiritually
  • Call your child weekly at a consistent time
  • Talk with the houseparents weekly
  • Support the home and the houseparents in front of the child
  • Arrange a monthly visit to your home for your child
  • Keep agreed arrival and departure times, the houseparents are responsible for many schedules
  • Attend the reunification meeting at the home on the second Saturday of each month
  • Meet your financial obligations.  Generally 10% of family income is requested to help provide for the child.  No child, however, is ever rejected due to family financial circumstances.